Wanyue Zhang(张琬越)

I am a PhD student at Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Visual Computing and Artificial Intelligence Department.

My research interests include 3D scene understanding and computer animation. I am particularly interested in synthesizing realistic behaviours of virtual agents in 3D environments and generalizable interaction-aware object representations.

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PhD student (dissertation phase), MPII
March 2023 - present
PhD student (preparatory phase), MPII & Saarland University
October 2021 - March 2023
BSc Computer Science, University College London
Sept 2016 - July 2019
First class honours
Work experience
Research Engineer at Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR
Data-efficient learning team
Sept 2020 - Sept 2021
Mentors: Dr Xun Xu, Dr Chuan-Sheng Foo
AI Resident at Machine Perceptation, Google AI (MTV)
3D scene understanding team
Sept 2019 - Aug 2020
Mentors: Prof Thomas Funkhouser, Dr Alireza Fathi
ROAM: Robust and Object-aware Motion Generation using Neural Pose Descriptors
Wanyue Zhang, Rishabh Dabral, Thomas Leimkuehler, Vladislav Golyanik, Marc Habermann, Christian Theobalt,
3DV, 2024
project page / PDF / code / data
Few-Shot Adaptation of Pre-Trained Networks for Domain Shift
Wenyu Zhang, Li Shen, Wanyue Zhang, Chuan-Sheng Foo,
IJCAI, 2022
Open-Set Semi-Supervised Learning for 3D Point Cloud Understanding
Xian Shi, Xun Xu, Wanyue Zhang, Xiatian Zhu, Chuan-Sheng Foo, Kui Jia
ICPR, 2022
Self-Supervised Global-Local Structure Modeling for Point Cloud Domain Adaptation with Reliable Voted Pseudo Labels
Hehe Fan, Xiaojun Chang, Wanyue Zhang, Yi Cheng, Ying Sun
CVPR, 2022
clean-usnob On automatic data augmentation for 3D point cloud classification
Wanyue Zhang, Xun Xu, Fayao Liu, Le Zhang, Chuan-Sheng Foo
BMVC, 2021
project page / PDF / code

An LSTM approach to temporal 3D object detection in LiDAR point clouds
Rui Huang, Wanyue Zhang, Abhijit Kundu, Caroline Pantofaru, David A Ross, Thomas Funkhouser, Alireza Fathi
ECCV, 2020

I enjoy table tennis, lindy hop, reading local newspapers, poetry, novels and learning German.

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